Rockstar Games is a development division of video game publisher Take-Two Interactive. The brand is most known for the Grand Theft Auto series. It is comprised of studios that have been acquired and renamed as well as others that have been created internally. While many of the studios that Take-Two has acquired have been merged into the Rockstar brand, several other recent ones have retained their previous identities and have become part of the company's 2K Games division.

The Rockstar Games label was founded in 1998 by Sam Houser, Terry Donovan, Dan Houser, Jamie King and Gary Foreman. Donovan has since left the company, to be replaced by former Capcom managing director, Gary Dale. Dale, along with Sam and Dan Houser is the leadership now.

Rockstar StudiosEdit

Logo Name Description
[[Image:]] Rockstar Leeds Based in Leeds, England. Previously known as Mobius Entertainment and are based in the Stanningley district of Leeds. They helped create the three PSP GTA games and PC version of L.A. Noire.
[[Image:]] Rockstar Lincoln Based in Lincoln, England. Quality assurance and localization studio, formerly Tarantula Studios.
[[Image:]] Rockstar London Based in London, England. Formed in November 2005. Worked on Manhunt 2.
[[Image:]] Rockstar New England Based in Andover, Massachusetts. Formerly Mad Doc Software. Incorporated in 2008, they are the newest subsidiary of Rockstar, and are best known for Empire Earth III.
[[Image:]] Rockstar North Based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The best known Rockstar company. They were previously known as DMA Design. They are famous for their Grand Theft Auto series and Manhunt.
[[Image:]] Rockstar San Diego Based in Carlsbad, California, a suburb of San Diego. Previously known as Angel Studios of Midtown Madness, Midnight Club: Street Racing, Red Dead Revolver fame, and the newly released and critically acclaimed, Red Dead Redemption.
[[Image:]] Rockstar Toronto Based in Oakville, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Take Two's in-house development team, previously known as Rockstar Canada. Their most well-known work is their adaptation of the cult classic film The Warriors.
[[Image:]] Rockstar Vancouver Based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Previously known as Barking Dog Studios. They have released Bully.
[[Image:]] Rockstar Vienna Based in Vienna, Austria. Previously known as neo Software; closed on May 11, 2006. Worked on Max Payne and Max Payne 2 and the Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack.
[[Image:]] Rockstar Japan Based in Tokyo, Japan. The studio was founded in 2005. Works in conjunction with developer Capcom on Japanese localizations of numerous games by Rockstar. Also known as 'Rockstar Games Tokyo'.