Los Angeles is a City in California, USA, it's featured in Midnight Club II, Midnight Club Los Angeles and in Midnight Club Los Angeles REMIX. Los Angeles' in-game police are very strong and can easily catch you.



SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details are in the text which follows.


Midnight Club Los Angeles

Booke telling player to meet at a fast-food restaurant named Carney's Express Limited. He gives the protagonist the choice of three cars, one to pick, in the beginning of the game: a 1998 Nissan 240SX, 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI, or 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco. All of these 3 cars have damaged parts on them. Once the player has built up enough of a reputation, they gain the ability to become Champ of the City and of each car type. The first one that is offered is becoming City Champ. The vehicle classes Champs are Oswaldo, Julian, Lester, Pete, Marcel. After the player become City Champ, Karol calls and has a proposition. He asks the player to get $1 million dollars to help co-own his two garages with him for his business. In return, he lets the player have anything in the garages for free. This proposition also affects Doc's South Central garage although the game does not mention it.

Midnight Club Los Angeles REMIX

After the character has completed 100% in Los Angeles in the Midnight Club Los Angeles REMIX, an unknown man somehow has reached his cell number, and calls saying that he wants to meet him at the Los Angeles International Airport on 'his flight to Tokyo', which causes the character to say, 'You talking about the Midnight Club?' After the call, the Tokyo career and map can be accessed.







  • The Midnight Club Los Angeles is compacted and is not a street-accurate depiction of Los Angeles, though it features many of Los Angeles' landmarks.